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Puppy Training Programme

Puppy Play

I have designed my Puppy Programme to be flexible, full of information with achievable learning for both you and your new pup.  With this programme, you choose to split it into one of these options:

  • 3 x 121 training sessions and 4 x group class sessions

  • 2 x 121 training sessions and the Practical Puppy 8 week course (subject to availability)

  • 4 x 121 training sessions

Having one to one attention means I can work with you and nip any problems in the bud.  A lot of problem puppy behaviour comes from not knowing how to handle or prevent it before you are allowed to attend puppy classes. 

The 121 sessions happen in the comfort of your home, at your time frame, and mean we can get a head start on training before your puppy is allowed to venture into the big wide world.  I will create a custom, step-by-step training plan so you can achieve the training goals you have and develop the skills in your puppy that you want.

It is important to socialise your puppy to different environments and other pups, so group classes are a great way to introduce your puppy to these in a controled way.  It's also a perfect time to practice your skills somewhere other than at home.  What greater place than out in the real world?

But guess what?  There's more! ALSO included is:

  • Lifetime access to online puppy training video library

  • A puppyhood survival goody bag worth over £40!

  • Email and phone support during package

  • Being part of a like-minded community! And exclusive access to a Facebook group.

Cost: £375

You will have 1 year from purchase to complete the programme

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