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Baby Prep Support

Dog sat next to baby bump

Having a baby is an exciting and scary time for any parents and there comes a lot of preparation and planning with it.  It might not occur to expectant parents, amid the overwhelming choices of the safest car seat buy and your birth plan to write, that those preparations should extend to the four-legged residents in the home.

But bringing a baby home and all the changes that are associated with it can be very stressful for dogs and issues arise when you really don’t have the time, brain space or money to deal with it.  In some of the worse cases, dogs have had to be rehomed.

I don’t want this for you or your dog, and as a dog trainer and mother, I can help you plan, train and be realistic about your life with your dog once your baby arrives.   


My baby prep programme consists of an initial ZOOM session to go over your lifestyle, your home, and your dogs.  I will go over a plan with you that is both practical and achieves your goals.  You will have access to the recording of the session to use to refer to when working on the plan.


Also, part of the programme are 2 x 121 sessions that can be booked before or after your baby arrives. My personal suggestion is 1 before baby arrives to help with training and then one after baby arrives to fine tune and adapt the training.  These can also be either in person or via ZOOM.

Virtual ONLY Programme = £180

Virtual and in person Programme = £200


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