I have a variety of workshops that offer deep dives into specific topics of dog training.  From lead walking, recall and teenager focused workshops, to fun ones and introductions to sports. 

These are a great option for owners looking to work on one aspect of their dog's training and those who find it hard to attend weekly classes.  All workshops come with access to an online version of the workshop filled with the covered training in video format.

Teenage Terrors Worshop

Teenage Terrors copy-1.png

Has your previously adorable pup turned into a monster? Bad habits appearing from our the cracks? Recall gone out the window? Have you become the last thing they are interested in?


This workshop is aimed at working with adolescent dogs and learning about this trying time for both you and your young pooch. Through games and reward based techniques you will learn how to help prevent, manage and reinforce the right behaviours.


Topics covered during the workshop will be:

  • Recall

  • Focus

  • Proofing the right things

  • Settling

  • Lead Walking

Next workshop: 29th October 2022

Festive Fido Workshop

Festive Fido-1.png

Christmas can be a stressful time for both dogs and their owners. There are a lot of things that step out of the normal routine, such as family visiting, decorations, food left out and owners being home more than usual. This 3 hour workshop is dedicated to training and preparing your dogs for the busy Christmas period.


Included in this workshop will be:

  • Settling

  • Preventing counter surfing

  • Strategies for visitors

  • Enrichment and Relaxation

  • And much more!

Next workshop: 26th November 2022

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