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Become a unbeatable team with your dog and learn how to sniff out hidden people!

Mantrailing is a fun and family friendly activity that’s the sport version of Search and Rescue training. We use the same methods that professional operational teams use to teach you and your dog how to follow the scent trail of a ‘missing’ person. Only positive methods are used to train the dogs and we work to the pace of the individual. This is a great sport to get into that both mentally and physically stimulates your dog.

If your dog has a nose, they can Mantrail!

This inclusive sport is suitable for any dog no matter the breed, age or ability.


Dogs with reactivity issues are also welcome as we work each dog individually.


The trails we run are short, but having some basic fitness to jog or run a short distance would be preferred. If you’re unsure then please send us an email to discuss how we can accommodate you. 


Dogs will also need to be comfortable to be left in a vehicle between their turns trailing.  For dogs that won't settle, an alternative is you bring a family member along to sit with your dog in the car when you are hiding for another dog.

I have been training and teaching this great sport for over 6 years and attended workshops, training sessions and seminars from Mantrailing International, Mantrailing Gobal and GAK9.

Classes held on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings​

Cost: £20 per session

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Available online

Mantrailing Session

£20 / Pricing plan

Tuesday, May 9

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

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