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One to One Support

Dalmatian Dog

One to One Support

If you’re having difficulties with your dog’s behaviour in the home or in any scenario out and about, I can help. 


I offer one to one consultations in your home or out on your walks where we can discuss the issues you are experiencing in a relaxed, judgement-free environment. I’ll then work with you to create a tailor-made training plan to help resolve the issues.


You’ll receive ongoing support via email and phone, and through further sessions either at home or on your local walks. 

Dog sat next to pregnant owner

Baby Prep 121 Support

Having a baby is an exciting and scary time for any parents and there comes a lot of preparation and planning with it.  It might not occur to expectant parents, amid the overwhelming choices of the safest car seat buy and your birth plan to write, that those preparations should extend to the four-legged residents in the home.

Bringing your baby home will come with it a lot of changes that dogs might find stressful and overwhelming.  Preparation is key to helping your dog with this change and it should be started well before your baby makes an appearance. 


I can guide you through the process of what to plan, things to adapt and training to make the transition as smooth as possible and provide support even after your baby arrives.

Training Walks

Training Walks

On training walks, I’ll take your dog, without you, out on a one-to-one basis to enjoy a walk and do some training on anything that needs working on. 


Training walks are a great way to supplement any training plans we are working on, if you are struggling to find the time to implement consistent training or simply need a jump start.

No current availability.

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