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Online Courses

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Train your dog from the comfort of your own home!


I am developing a growing library of self taught online courses for a variety of topics from puppy training to tricks and general dog training.  When you sign up to an online course you will have:


  • Video tutorials that take you step by step through the training

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • No time limit to complete

  • Join an online comminuty group on Facebook

Canine Life Skillz

Canine Life Skillz Banner

With the cost of living crisis set to last for a good while, I am all too aware that paying for dog training might be on the back burner for many people. It is also an unfortunate fact that dogs get rehomed, abandoned or put into rescue due to various training problems.

Some of the most common issues are easily dealt with, with a bit of training. This course is a free resource for people to use to help deal with the most common training issues that owners come accross.  Topics covered include:

  • Focus

  • Lead walking

  • Recall

  • Toilet training

  • Barking

  • Countersurfing

  • PLUS more!

Puppy Essentials

Puppy Essentials Banner

Puppy training doesn't have to follow the same traditional route of attending a class in a community hall. You can teach everything you need to your puppy from the comfort from home.

In this day and age, many puppy owners are finding it difficult to afford classes and struggle to find the time to attend every week. The beauty of an online platform means you can fit your training in when it suits you.

This course goes over 15 essential skills to teach your puppy and includes video tutorials, talks and handouts.

Training should be easy and fun for both puppy and their human and my training style is kind, effective and enjoyable for all!

7 Day Engagement BOOST

7 Day Engagement Boost Banner

Just 1 game a day can help to supercharge your dog's focus and engagement on you!


This online course will take you through one video tutorial a day featuring a game you can play with your dog at home and on walks! These games are going to help improve your dog's atention, recall and lead walking!

Training should be easy and fun for both dog and their human and my training style is kind, effective and enjoyable for all!

Fantastic Fido

fantastic fido banner

Do you have a Fantastic Fido in the making?


This is a great online class for building a close bond with your dog and increase focus, all while learning how to do some cool tricks! During the course we will go over the basics of luring, shaping, using markers and foundation behaviours. Work your way through our levels of increasingly complex and impressive tricks to wow your friends and family!

This is a perfect course to join for kids to learn to train their dog, dogs on limited exercise or anyone just looking to work their dog’s noggin!


Level 1 Tricks include:

  • Twist and Spin

  • Touch

  • Middle

  • Paws Up

  • Around

  • Leg Weaves

  • Roll Over

  • Namaste (bow)

  • Chin

  • Paw (ring bell)

  • Sit Pretty

  • Sad Dog

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