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Training a Puppy

Book Classes and 121s Online

  • Get on top of the problems with your teenage terror on four paws.
    74.99 British pounds
  • A 1hr 121 training session for recall, lead walking, manners etc. NOT ...
    65 British pounds
  • A 121 assessment consult for behaviour issues and training.
    155 British pounds
  • Private 121 training and packages available for dogs and puppies.
  • CLIENTS ONLY - this is a stand alone 121 training session following up...
    55 British pounds
  • General training class with a 7 level achievement scale!
    1 hr
    20 British pounds
  • 8 week course learning about the sport of Hoopers
    140 British pounds
  • A class focused on teaching skills from various dog sports.
    1 hr
    20 British pounds
  • Happy Hounds an outdoors mixed ages general training class.
    15 British pounds
  • Weekly outdoor sessions in various locations. Formerly Super Sniffers.
    15 British pounds
  • Teaching dogs how to find a hidden person - doggy hide and seek!
    20 British pounds
  • Monthly social walk for clients of Rat Pack ONLY.
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