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Dog Sports

Some of our canine companions are at their best when they are given a job to do - especially if they are from a work orientated breed.  Providing dogs with a breed appropriate outlet is great for preventing undesirable behaviours forming, good mental and physical exercise and a perfect bonding opportunity for dog and owner.

Other benefits include:

  • builds confidence

  • increases focus and engagement

  • creates optimism

  • FUN!

Check out below the selection of dog sports taught at Rat Pack!


Super Sniffers

Super Sniffers is a fun class based around scentwork. You’ll help your dog to learn to identify and find a variety of scents in different scenarios.


Scentwork is a great sport for mental enrichment and can help boost calmness and build confidence, problem solving and independence for your dog.  

Sporty Canine Club-1.png

Canine Sporty Club

Canine Sporty Club is a great way for owners and their dogs to 'have a taste' of some of the many dog sports out there.  Many dogs thrive on having a 'job' to focus on and dog sports are an excellent way of providing dogs with the ability to satisfy that need. 

Sports covered range from Hoopers, a type of agility sport, trick training to earn titles, Treibball - doogy football and Scentwork, a sport I firmly believe every dog would benefit from.

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The ultimate sport of hide and seek for dogs.  Dog's are taught to follow the scent trail of a hidden person - just like a search and rescue dog!  Sessions are perfect for all dogs, especially reactive ones as each dog is taight individually.


Treibball Class

Treibball (pronounced ‘try-ball’) was originally developed in Germany to occupy herding dogs, but it’s a fun sport for owners of any breed to do with their dog. 


The game involves ‘herding’ large inflatable exercise balls into a small football goal and is great for learning new skills.



Hoopers is a low impact sport for dogs and their owners. You’ll learn to direct your dog around a course from one position, so it’s accessible for dogs and owners of all abilities.


In particular, if your dog is a large or tiny breed, needs extra space or patience, or as an owner you have limited ability, then this will be a great class for you to have fun together. Hoopers really is for everyone.


I’m a Canine Hoopers UK Accredited Instructor.

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