Puppy Classes

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I have a variety of options for puppy classes to best suit you and your puppy.  You can enjoy a set 8 week intensive course on all things puppy or utilise the Pay As You Go puppy classes that you can book a block of or dip in and out when your schedule allows.

All my classes are small in number of puppies to give you the personal experience and ensure I can tailor the training to set you and your puppy up to succeed!

Puppy Starter & Puppy Plus Classes

These are classes are designed to be the most flexible training option in the Vale.  They are Pay As You Go, so you can attend the classes that suit you and your puppy.  Classes are held outdoors and in a different location each week to maximise socialisation opportunities and get puppies out learning in the real world.

Classes are limited to 8 pups and divided by age (Puppy Starters for under 6 months old and Puppy Plus for 6 months to a year old.)

Practical Puppy

I’ll help get you and your puppy off to a great start with a puppy course designed to teach them important life skills and get them well on the way to becoming the ultimate ‘pub dog’. 


During the 8 week course we will help you teach your puppy some basic commands, recall, impulse control, lead walking, socialisation skills, body awareness and general puppy care. 

Puppy Social Group

If classes are not your thing or you just want your puppy to socialise in a safe environment then this is the group for you.


I offer a monthly social group aimed at puppies in their critical learning stage. It’s not just about socialising with other dogs – we’ll cover anything and everything that they might come into contact with and help you to set them up for success.

Not currently running.