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Happy Hounds


Happy Hounds Training Classes

This class is a mixed aged class, so all ages welcome.

6 dogs max (can be accompanied by up to 3 owners)

This is a pay as you go class located outdoors, so appropriate clothing will be required.  Every week the class is in a different location in either Barry, Dinas Powys, Penarth, Sully or Rhoose.  This is to maximise socialising our dogs, help them to generalise their training and proof it against a variety of distractions.  Each class will be dynamic depending on where we are and what real life distractions are around to train with.


Generally, the classes start with a warm-up, tackles a training topic for the week and finishes with practicing settling while having a trainer Q&A. 

Training topics covered include:

– Lead Walking

– Recall

– Socialisation

– Manners

– Focus

– Confidence Building

– Settling

– Ignoring Distractions

This month's class is:
Sunday 21st
April @ 11am

See invidual class for location.

Cost : £15/class
or purchase a pricing plan and book 6 classes for the price of 5!

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