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Continued learning is very important to me and an essential part of keeping relevant and up to date with modern dog training and behaviour practices so that I can benefit my clients.

Ongoing Courses

  •      School of Canine Science - Puppy Lab

  •      School of Canine Science – Behaviour Bible

  •      Canine Principles - Canine Health and Nutrition

  •      Canine Principles - Canine Reactive Behaviour

2017 Courses, Workshops, Seminars

  •      Mantrailing International - Andreas Ebert Seminar

  •      Craig Ogilvie - Interactive Play Workshop

  •      Mantrailing International - Chantal Laube Seminar

  •      Kamal Fernandez - Reactivity; Dispelling The Myths, Empowering The Dog


2018 Courses, Workshops, Seminars

  •      Mantrailing International Andreas Ebert Seminar

  •      Jane Ardern Stop, Come, Click! Predatory Drive Workshop

  •      SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy


2019 Courses, Workshops, Seminars

  •      PACT Update on Resource Guarding

  •      Scentwork UK - Instructor Levels 1 to 5

  •      Kay Attwood Fun to Focus

  •      Kay Attwood Cognitive Skills

  •      Kamal Fernandez - Adolescent Dogs

  •      UK Sniffer Dogs - Bronze Instructor

  •      UK College of Scent Detection Conference

  •      Canine Hoopers UK - Level 1 Instructor

  •      Jeff Schettler Mantrailing Seminar

  •      APDT Advanced Trainer Course


2020 Courses, Workshops, Seminars

  •      From the Hound Up ACE Freework Course

2024 Courses, Workshops, Seminars

  •     Trever Cooper Dog Law Seminar

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