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Rat Pack

Dog Services

I’m Emma Taylor and I offer fun, practical dog training and support. I work with owners who want to improve the bond between them and their dog through tailored training and activities.

I'm looking for...

Canine Sporty Club

Dog Sports

Enrich your dog’s life and give them purpose with sports and activities to stimulate mind and body, including Hoopers and nosework.

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Information and advice

It’s not just about training. I’m here to help you, and so is our community of like-minded people. 

Dalmatian Dog

Dog training

I offer a range of dog training options including classes, one to one sessions and training walks for you and your dog to enjoy.

Beagle Puppy

Puppy training

I help you get your puppy off to a great start and learn skills for life with our puppy classes and social groups.

How I help

Having a dog whose behaviour is not always as you’d like it to be can be stressful. 


I help owners to let go of that stress.


Whether your dog has problem behaviour or just needs a little bit of help and guidance in certain situations, I can help you.


There are no quick fixes, but if you are willing to dedicate the time to working with your dog, you’ll soon start to see results.

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My honest and straightforward approach to training will help you to understand more about your dog, what makes them tick and what the world is like through their eyes. You’ll gain the confidence and the tools to be able to fix problems – and you and your dog will have fun along the way!


We brought our highly energetic springer/poodle to the 6 week puppy course. Emma is great, she knows her stuff and isn’t judgemental. Emma initially came for a home visit to give us advice on life with a new pup. We have learnt so much and cant wait to start more classes when pup is over 6 months.


I had a one to one with Emma and she is fantastic.  So knowledgeable, patient and non-judgemental.  I feel really confident with my puppy now after we had hit the terrible-teenager stage and it was all becoming a nightmare.  I know the direction I should be going in now and I have the tools needed to get there. I highly recommend Rat Pack Dog Services!


My puppy and I have recently completed the Practical Puppy class.  We loved Emma's teaching style so much that we are now working towards becoming be a Super Sniffer. Emma even welcomed my children along, and really engaged them in the class meaning that training could really be an enjoyable family effort.


Recommended Products

Here is a list of the products I use and recommend as a dog trainer.  Unless I state overwise, I am not affiliated not do I earn a commission by recommmending these product to you.  I use all of these on a daily basis with both clients and my own dogs!

JR PEt Products Logo
Kong Logo
Perfect Fit Harness Logo

Natural dried treats and chews that I use for my dogs daily as well as their Pure Pate for training rewards.

Great selection of food enrichment toys for your dogs.

Safe and well made harness for dogs to wear and use to help with loose lead walking.

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